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What smarthome system can do?

Smart Home System is the introduction of various equipment and technologies  that can control the device automatically. Installed systems inside the house can make residents feel comfortable and safe. It can also save energy in all areas of the residence such as the front of the house, living room, bedroom and elderly room. By commanding via voice commands or turning on/off the system through the application.

  • Automatically open/close curtains. Or when the specified time or turn on / off according to the amount of light that shines into the room as scheduled
    Supports voice commands via SIRI, Google Assistant, Alexa.
  • Call your family through Google Nest.
  • Keep the temperature in the room at the desired level and set a timer to turn off the air conditioner in the morning.
  • Keep the house safe when strangers enter.
  • The gate will open automatically when approaching the house and support voice commands via SIRI, Google Assistant, Alexa and can monitor the gate opening/closing situation. The system is linked to the GPS in the mobile phone .
  • Turn on the light, turn on the air conditioner automatically when walking into the living room, and turn off the air conditioner automatically when there are no people.
  • Adjust the temperature and humidity. in the living room so that Temperature humidity is at the required level.
  • Convenience by commanding all devices by voice via SIRI, Google Assistant, Alexa to turn on the lights, TV, air curtain, air purifier or dim the lights.
  • Change the atmosphere in different rooms with LED lights 16 million colors, including line lights, downlights.
  • When someone rings the bell, the system will Video Call to the homeowner through the hand. Hold and can choose to unlock the door through a barrier gate or Intercom.
  • Motion detection camera with capture images sent to mobile phones.
  • The fence light, garage light and entrance light automatically turn on when the car turn into the house and set the time to turn off by itself

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